Baybasi is hosting annual Summer Picnic for all the members.

Date      : 18th August – 2018

Venue    : Huddart park, Zwierlein picnic area,  1100 Kings Mountain Rd, Woodside, CA 94062

Time      : 10:00 am to 6:00 pm




Please note, the picnic is facilitated by Baybasi (not sponsored by Baybasi). It will be a paid event based on participation. 

Details of payment method is given below:

Event Participation Amount:

Child (0 to 5 years)              : Free (Please mention Child’s age in RSVP comments)

Child (5 to 10 years)            : $15 each(Please mention Child’s age in RSVP comments)

Adult (above 10 years)        : $25 each

Payment Method (please use whichever is convenient): Please mention the participant name while paying.

Square Cash :                                     $NiMukher

Paypal Account:                       

Bank Transfer (by phone number):  (650)540-8748

Please RSVP us with number of adults and children with age( in RSVP comment), as we need to arrange accordingly. We expect only one evite response per family to calculate actual headcount.

Parking charge : $6 per car (not included, this will be taken by Park at the gate) .
Food Choice :     Please add your food choice (Veg/Non-Veg) while RSVP, by clicking on the “Poll” option.

See you all on 18th, August.  We will have food, fun and a lot of “adda”.

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