About Baybasi

Baybasi, Inc. was incorporated in July 2008 as a not-for profit charitable organization and is presently located in Foster City, California. The purpose of the corporation is to serve (without limitations), the Bengali community (people originating in the state of West Bengal, India and its neighboring states and countries speaking the language Bengali at home, and other Indian community members living in the Foster City, San Mateo, and the adjacent areas of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Bengali community in particular as also the Indian community, in the Foster City, San Mateo and the adjacent areas of the San Francisco Bay Area currently lacks an organization which can promote social, spiritual, cultural and educational opportunities to the residents and at the same time provide a platform for expressing themselves in the area of performing arts in their own mother tongue. With the growing community of Bengali and other Indian immigrants from India and the Indian sub-continent in the Bay Area, the need for such an organization in the Foster City, San Mateo area is great.

Partners & Charities :
Esho Kichhu Kori
Rent a Space
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