All activities at Baybasi are carried out by the organization’s honorary staff and volunteers.

Baybasi Governance Structure:
Baybasi has Twelve (12) Board of Directors who are primarily responsible for facilitating decisions for the organization.The elected Board of Directors serves the Board for two years. Elections are held if there are vacancies. There are three officers: Chairman, General Secretary and the Treasurer.The present board members of Baybasi are listed below:

Chairman:                  Sudip Majumdar

General Secretary:   Rajib Maitra

Treasurer:                  Sumit Saha

Current Board Members:

  • Srila Datta Bhattacharya                 
  • Indrajit Upadhyay
  • Sudip Majumdar
  • Jayjit Pradhan
  • Nilanjan Mukherjee
  • Raj Tiwari
  • Santanu Deb Roy
  • Sirish Bindal
  • Soma Debroy
  • Rajib Maitra
  • Sumit Saha
  • Anirban Banerjee

Adviser to the Board: P K Banerjee

Role Descriptions 

Chairman: The Chairman is elected by the Board and has to be a member of the Board of Director. The General Members do NOT elect the Chairman. General Members can only elect Directors. The term for the Chairman is for two years The Chairman can serve the board for a maximum of two terms in his or her life.
Treasurer: The Board elects treasurer for two years. Treasurer has to be a member of the Board.
General Secretary: The Board also elects Secretary for two years. Secretary has to be a member of the Board.
Advisory Committee: This is an independent committee constituting members of Baybasi selected by the Chairman and the Board to advise the Board on issues related to the operation of Baybasi.

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